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SHISHAMO Biography

SHISHAMO is a Japanese all-girl rock band that formed in Kawasaki Science Senior High School in Kanagawa of Spring 2010. During their time in the school’s Light Music Club, childhood friends Miyazaki Asako (Guitar, Vocals) and Matsumoto Aya (Bass) as well as Yoshikawa Misaki (Drums) (who became classmates with the two) formed the band 「柳葉魚」(Shishamo).

In Spring of 2012, the band participated in the TEENS ROCK IN HITACHINAKA 2012 Music Competition to test their skills. They won the awards for Outstanding Performance and Best Vocals. The band then changed the spelling of their name to SHISHAMO. They also released a Demo CD “Shukadai ga Owaranai (Homework Won’t End) in October, but still managed to achieve 7th place in the Oricon Indies Chart.

The band got their spotlight after Shiknao Atsushi (鹿野淳氏) from MUSICA heard their music and tweeted, “I found an talented unknown high school girl band called SHISHAMO”. After that, the news that they were chosen for Nippon Housou’s “SHISHAMO’s All-Night Nippon” as personalities caused such a commotion even Yahoo! News reported on it.

On January 23, 2013 they released their first Album “Sotsugyou Seisaku” (Graduation Production) and announced that it would be the conclusion of their high school lives. Later that year in March they began their country-wide tour named “Graduation Trip” and performed at 11 locations. SHISHAMO also finished the tour by holding a highly successful free live in Kawasaki. After completing their tour they uploaded a video on their YouTube channel looking back at their high school life from their formation to their graduation.

During the Spring of 2013 the band went in to high gear and became highly active. In June they made an appearance at “RUSH BALL R” at Osaka Castle Outdoor Concert Hall. In August they appeared at “Tokimeki☆Jamoboree” at Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall and an event for the East-West Outdoor Concert. In August 8, they held their first self-organized live event at the Shibuya WWW. Besides that, the band performed many times in various venues as well as going on a country-wide tour and performing at big events.

On November 13, the band released their Debut Album “SHISHAMO” and on December 6, their first One Man live at the Shibuya WWW was Sold Out! At the end of the year they appeared in big festivals in both Tokyo and Osaka. In early 2014 they were selected for Space Shower’s Restuden Tour.

Their first one-man tour “Kanajo ga Dekita Bandoman ni Koi Suru Kyuujitsu” (The Holiday She Fell in Love with a Bandman) started on May 2014 and contained additional performances, all the lives were Sold Out. Before the arrival of the Summer Festival season the band released their first Single “Kimi to Natsu Fes”. It gained a great response among fans of every generation despite it being their first time performing in summer festivals. They appeared in 9 festivals in total all over the country.

On September 11, 2014 they announced a change in bassist. Matsumoto Aya was replaced with Matsuoka Aya, forming their current lineup.

The trio released their Second Single “Ryousangata Kareshi” (Mass Produced Model Boyfriend) on October 1st 2014. Along with the release, they started a tour on October 4th called “Kimi to Kimi no Kareshi to Tenkou Shita Kanojo no Nichiyobi no Deeto Puran” (The Date Plan for her Sunday when I transferred with you and your Boyfriend) with their new member. They will be touring the whole country at 16 locations and 19 performances.

In 2015, the band released their long awaited 2nd Full Album “SHISHAMO 2”, marking a new chapter in their lives. The band also began their One-Man tour across the country in April.