Monday, July 24, 2017
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Draft King to stream live Tour Final at Shibuya WWW


Draft King will be streaming live their Tour Final performance at Shibuya WWW for fans worldwide!!! Be sure to watch at 10/22(Thu) 19:00 ~21:00 (JST) [GMT+9] You can see the live by going to:

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Otakon, Draft King Concert Sneak Peek


Missed Draft King’s first concert in America? Here’s a sneak peek of the concert from this weekend. Keep an eye out for our full report and even more photos! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available. Photo courtesy of Eddie Lai (White Specs Photography).

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SCANDAL is making their appearance in southern California in a month! Make sure you check the official Sony Facebook events pages so we can get a big meet up going and make it a night to remember! Show your excitement for two awesome shows. If you saw SCANDAL anywhere else on their world tour please share your experience and excitement …

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Very Good Days to Support New Artists

shishamo banner

In the beginning, Very Good Days was solely an international Stereopony community and would remain that way for about three years until Stereopony disbanded in December 2012. In 2013, AIMI began activities as a solo artist, and NOHANA and SHIHO formed the new band Draft King along with MAO (Stereopony’s former support guitarist) and new members Erica and Hiddy. Unwilling …

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We Are Recruiting!


Very Good Days Staff is currently recruiting new members. VGD Staff consists of the site administrators, forum moderators, translators, and other contributors, who are all dedicated fans of AIMI, Draft King, and Stereopony. If you are interested in applying for any of the following positions, please send a Private Message to RSNiteblaze on the forum. If you have any questions, …

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Submit Your Birthday Messages for SHIHO


Attention all VGD members! SHIHO’s 23rd birthday is coming up very soon, and Very Good Days would like to send her a birthday card and gift. Members may submit a message to SHIHO for the card by filling out the form at the end of this post. If you are not a VGD member but would like to participate, then …

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Stereopony September at Very Good Days


September — for the past few years September has always been a month dedicated to Stereopony, mainly because it is the month of AIMI’s and NOHANA’s birthdays with SHIHO’s birthday and their debut anniversary not far behind in October and November, respectively. Active members of the Very Good Days community have always done their best to do what they can …

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Very Good Days Polls Returns!

Polls Banner

Two years ago Very Good Days launched its Stereopony Polls feature, and it was a major success in which hundreds of votes were casted. However, for the past half year this feature has been missing during Very Good Days’s transition to a new website and shifting its focus to AIMI and Draft King. We are pleased to announce that Stereopony …

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Nohana & Shiho Birthdays 2013


If you have been following us for the past month, then you should already know about the video project we have planned for AIMI’s birthday. Submissions for the project were officially closed today, the day after the August 24 deadline, and we will begin work on the video promptly. However, less than two weeks after AIMI’s 23rd birthday is Nohana’s …

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Record a Video Message for AIMI’s Birthday!

AIMI Video Project Image

It is July 24, which means it is Announcement Time! Very Good Days will be coordinating a collaborative video message project to send to AIMI for her 23rd birthday on September 4. Participation is for Very Good Days members only. If you are not a member, then you can become one today by registering an account on our forum, absolutely …

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