Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Like a Chameleon

Original Entry |  Good evening~ Today we were holed up and working for the whole day at the recoding studio! With new challenges for everyone in Stereopony one after the other To talk about today’s sound( material) is still not good but different I am feeling very cold and my metabolism isn’t that good so for my health and my voice, …

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Shiho and Nohana Dance

Original Entry |  The photos in this blog are proof Yesterday we were shooting the movie’s comments Since the shooting is multicolored the corners were blurred* To film boushi TV’s comments this is the Red Room at Sonibiru. I turned the camera to Nohana. Nohana’s pose Shiho’s made the Nyoki face. Nyoki nyoki faces are sexy The manager got into the …

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Every day is a present

Original Entry |  Konbanyaamee Today I was supposed to have an all day coverage recording of comments on the radio and TV programs, and to be interviewed for magazines and web sites. By the way, today PATI PATI is released in bookstores that includes the interview of “Arigatou”. Have you got it? I also received fan mail letters and gifts everyone …

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Even If you Cry

Original Entry |  Oh halo~ This is a continuation of yesterday’s Niigata blog, I updated the second part. On the noon of the second day, we all went to eat Flowing Noodles (Nagashi-Soumen) Leader Nohana was also excited..Run run! Happy State. The shop loacated in nature The view from inside that was hidden so well The negative ion rich countryside without …

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Being barefoot is good

Original Entry |  いやっほー For waiting The camp ended and we were floating on a joy ride which we tried to catch But it was far better to concentrate being in touch with nature. Now I’m on my way back from the camp but I think want to be back there and blog. It was the second day of the training …

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I happen to be in Niigata

Original Entry |  Actually, it’s the Stereopony *horse notation! I made it to the training camp yesterday in Niigata I wanted to update but for some reason (I) was out of range! I finally got the radio out. Yesterday was my birthday and everyone wished me, I got presents from the staff and I felt a rush of emotions as I …

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