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August, 2016

  • 3 August

    Secret Production.

    Original Entry |  Today everyone met up at the NOHANA house. We earnestly put in work for the one man on 8/7. We all tried thinking up of things that everyone would enjoy so look forward to that. For lunch, I ate McDonald’s “Certain Victory” Burger. SHIHO-san bought it for me. The hamburger’s pineapple, I love it. Let’s make the one …

  • 3 August

    Reach the coolness

    Original Entry |  Hello and good evening, Entering August, we’re at the height of summer I remember that time when, hearing the great chorus of cicadas, I played my guitar and sang loudly under the sky, competing as to not lose to the cicadas Lol What are everyone’s summer plans? Festivals? Trips? Beach? Firework shows? Summer is just beginning so a …

  • 1 August

    Its August!

    Original Entry |  As soon as I thought that it was gradually getting sunny a sudden guerilla downpour came, The weather has been busy yesterday and today. Today when I went to the studio at 11 o’clock, The usual attendant said “Your reservation today starts at 1 o’clock.” and that’s how I found out that I had mistaken the time for …

July, 2016

  • 29 July

    Get emm~m?

    Original Entry |  Hello and good evening ⭐️ The trending Pokemon GO Has everyone played it?? I thought it would be great if Pokemon existed in the real world 20 years ago (has it been that long?) and it seems my dream came true now that I’m an adult and although it’s through a smartphone, it gives me happy feelings⭐︎ Getting …

  • 27 July

    Summer is here!?

    Original Entry |  Hello and good evening~ Did everyone enjoy the consecutive Sea Day holidays? It seems we can start waving goodbye to the dull rainy days in Tokyo, and once actual summer begins, September will be close so I’ll be trembling with excitement from now on. Just like Luffy from One Piece or Gon from Hunter x Hunter whenever they …

  • 25 July

    Draft King GO.

    Original Entry |  T-shirt, short pants, and sneakers and if I wear my cap backwards “I look like a Pokémon trainer” or so I was told by all the members. Lol All the Draft King members are into Pokémon GO too. After we finished at the studio, wearing my bass on my back I was enchanted looking for Pokémon for about …

  • 22 July

    LIVE Announcement.

    Original Entry |  AIMI will be doing a LIVE for the first time in a while I’ve rested from LIVE activities for a while but I will be starting on 9/4 with a solo LIVE personally, it’s also my birthday so I want to spend this turning point in the year getting excited with everyone. By myself, but at the same …

  • 16 July

    Rainy season and sometimes song making

    Original Entry |  Hello Once again, please take care of me on the LINE Official Blog from now on I was thinking about what I should write but At any rate, it’s been a couple of years since I last properly wrote in a blog Lol Though I say that, the bare AIMI should come out easily. Surely there are a …

  • 14 July

    Nice to meet you! It’s AIMI!

    Original Entry |  Hello everyone The AIMI Official Blog is being established through LINE BLOG! I want to write about the things I do during my activities and my thoughts myself at my own pace I want to share all the liveliness of my days with everyone through this blog Please take care of me!!

  • 7 July


    Original Entry |  Today I did some large eating activities. The place of the showdown was, was at Higashihakuraku Station (The first time I’ve been down there) Wankosoba Tachibana The weather was perfect and both the emptiness of my stomach and my spirits were plentiful. We got an explanation and put on aprons, now, wanko!! There was one time 5 years …