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October, 2015

  • 18 October

    10/18 Shikoku Broadcast Festival.

    Original Entry |  Thank you very much Shikoku Broadcast Festival! It was Draft King’s first Tokushima live. The outdoors stage felt great! There were a lot of people who saw Draft King for the first time but I was so happy that they got so excited together with us. I’ll do my best so we can come back to Tokushima. I …

  • 17 October


    Original Entry |  I’m looking around Tokushima before the live. I’m taking in a lot of citrus. Vitamin C. Wonderful. Delicious on-the-bone chicken. Tokushima’s sweet potato naruto kintoki was also delicious and the vanilla ice cream on the side was the best. The Shikoku Broadcast Festival is tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to our first Tokushima live! Draft King’s appearance is …

  • 14 October

    10/13 Shibuya eggman Semi-Final.

    Original Entry |  Draft King Record Release tour 2015 ~This is me. This is Draft King~ Semi-final! thank you very much eggman! So many things I love gathered, it was too fun. First, the NohaRaji public recording! Thank you for gathering so early on a holiday. Because it was at my beloved eggman who is always taking good care of me, …

  • 12 October

    10/11 MINAMI WHEEL 2015.

    Original Entry |  MINAMI WHEEL thank you!!! Draft King has been able to perform at MINAMI WHEEL for 3 years in a row. This year we were able to do the last performance at Pangea this year. It was our first time doing the last performance at MINAMI WHEEL and I a bit was worried whether anyone would come or not …

  • 10 October

    10/10 MOLLAGE Shobu.

    Original Entry |  Draft King Record Release tour 2015 ~This is me. This is Draft King~ Thank you very much to everyone who came to meet Draft King at MOLLAGE Shobu. Today was the last in-store live of the tour. I still want to continue in-store lives where we’re close to everyone and I get to meet so many new people. …

  • 8 October


    Original Entry |  Today my forehead was completely exposed. The all-back ponytail is my root. Easy-going. Today we had rehearsal, and during the night I had a live appearance on NACK5 “Oni Tamashi”. It was my second time on “Oni Tamashi”. It was fun today too. Today the theme was decided by e-mails which came in from listeners they asked for …

  • 7 October

    Image Change✨

    Original Entry |  Goodbye bangs~~ How does it look?? After that I went to the gym I sweated a lot today too I kicked a lot! ↑ That’s like an elementary school student’s sentence huh? Lolol *whack* *whack*

  • 6 October

    Autumn’s Strength Measurement.

    Original Entry |  After finishing a meeting, I went to eggman to grab a free paper. It’s part of my routine at the start of every month. For this month’s Draft King feature, we did an Autumn Strength Measurement [Contest]! First year Kirin Class erica Second year Kirin Class MAO Third year Kirin Class SHIHO Third year Kirin Class (Repeating) NOHANA …

  • 6 October

    A bit at a time.

    Original Entry |  Draft King RT Project The mosaic is being finished a bit at a time! Did you find your icon? Tell me where your icons are. My smug-faced icon is in the Dorakirin’s neck! The Dorakirin still isn’t complete but seeing the icons of everyone supporting us who immediately RT was touching. I remember everyone’s icons quite well so …

  • 5 October

    Mosaic Art

    Original Entry |  The Dorakirin is gradually being finished! Did you find your icon?? I searched so much I started thinking I wasn’t there Lol I wasn’t on the Dorakirin but quite close to the ground Lolol Retweet it little by little ok? #Dorakirin RT Project http://draftking.info/drakirin/ And, today too at the gym I’ll do my best tomorrow too