Thursday, July 27, 2017
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Original Entry |  AIMI’s official Facebook has been established Please look here for a summary of all information and live schedules Those of you who still don’t use Facebook, use this as an opportunity to join and please like my page AIMI Official Facebook Page

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Connect with Music


Hello and good evening It’s already becoming completely autumn-like this year’s summer ending in a flash~. When I got back from Okinawa I was fully charged from all the fun and happiness, and began making songs for the sake of output ⭐️ I change ideas into sounds, and those sounds become songs which ring in my heart, and I get …

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Full charge!!


Original Entry |  Good morning and good day☀︎ Last week, I took a break and went back to my hometown in Okinawa Today’s blog is a bit long and has a diary feel but please stick with it First, on the way back to Okinawa, because of the typhoon, it was uncertain that we would be able to land and it …

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Live Announcements.


Original Entry |  Hello and good morning I spoke about it a bit at the 9/4 live but, various lives performances have been decided from now on so, to those who can fit it into their schedules, grab a ticket and please come to visit I’ll be waiting “make a fist” 【Date】10/4/2016 (Tues) 【Venue】Daikanyama LOOP 【Time】OPEN18:00〜/START18:30〜 【Performances】 ・AIMI ・Яeal  ・Manami Norisa …

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My feelings on 9/4.


Original Entry |  Hello and good evening I, AIMI, passed my 26th birthday yesterday on 9/4 And, I was able to sing with strength at a live performance for the first time in quite a bit It was fun~~~~ This time, I challenged a style using the electric guitar + DJ manipulator + synthesizer for music! Me after the live with …

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CD Mail Order Sale Begun!!


Original Entry |  Also, also, I have a happy announcement to make so I cut the blog into two I want everyone to listen the new music I played at the live and although the music is not complete, that’s why I made the AIMI Demo Bootleg! I made it to be sold exclusively at the live venue but, in consideration …

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Original Entry |  Its tomorrow huh I hope Ill be able to see everyone’s smiling faces. Now all that’s left is to sing with all my strength!

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About sales on the day of the LIVE


Original Entry |  Good morning and hello The preparations for the 9/4 are coming along gradually I’m happy that I’ve gotten a lot of messages saying they want the Demo Bootleg The sale of CDs will begin at the goods sale corner after the live is over. Putting my heart and wishes into each and every one, I will be standing …

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A happy announcement!


Original Entry |  Good morning and hello~ Today I have an amazing, happy announcement I want everyone to hear Somehow! Somehow~~ Ta daaaaaa They are freshly made and newly completed songs. I want everyone to listen to them well, but again they are still in the production phase and Ill announce that at the LIVE as well so, as the AIMI …

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NEW Recordings first reveal!

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Original Entry |  Good morning and hello Heading towards the live, what kind of music should I write? What can the current AIMI express? I filled myself with those kinds of thoughts. All the things I’ve experienced these past few years, both in my personal and musical activities,,, I want to walk down a road I can sing the songs I’m …

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