Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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About Very Good Days


Very Good Days is a Japanese music news site and online forum community dedicated to supporting talented up-and-coming rock bands and solo artists from Japan who lack coverage overseas and connecting them with their overseas fans.


Started in 2009, Very Good Days was originally an international forum and fansite dedicated to the all-girl Japanese rock band Stereopony, up until the band’s dissolution in December 2012. During these three years, Very Good Days has had much success in promoting Stereopony and getting the community involved in various projects, such as interviewing the band, sending birthday gifts to the band members, and even traveling to Japan to attend Stereopony’s Final Live.

Although Stereopony is disbanded, Very Good Days still strives to support the former Stereopony members in their individual careers. Very Good Days now supports the solo artist AIMI and the rock band Draft King (NOHANA’s and SHIHO’s new band).

Very Good Days is operated by dedicated fans, such as yourself.
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