Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Hi everybody! Good Morning!

Did you watch yesterday’s Line Live?

We talked heaps and for the first time we played the acoustic version of ‘We Know’
why did a cracker suddenly go of at that exact time?
And, in a relaxed atmosphere, with smiles all around, we only go to go live for a short time but this time the live show has been archived, so those who were not able to watch the live show , please do watch it!

And AND AND!!!

I, A-I-M-I AIMI have leveled up to 27 o September 4th
And moreover Moreover Moreover!! Believe it or not!!

And the crowd funded project of’ AIMI Mini-full Album’ was launched at exactly that moment, and was completed in just 8 minutes because of all of your support!

And then the extended goal is also steadily reaching completion! I was encouraged greatly by everyone’s messages of “let’s make AIMI’s Full Album Together, Let’s do our best!”

From the moment my birthday started, my tears haven’t stopped.

With the Twitter wishes, I am happy I was born and I will continue to sing, I won’t give up!

Because of all of the messages from my fans, the ‘power to believe’ (in myself)
has increased in me furthermore.
I will definitely and surely make a wonderful #AIMIFullAlbum!

And I’ve stretched the crowd-funding goal further. I will be making something better as a return for all of you who have contributed to the project so please do look forward to it!

I also received a lot of birthday wishes.
It really is the best birthday present.

I celebrated a lot. And am moreover infused with a renewed spirit at level 27.
Thank you very much!

I am happy and I feel like my height increased. LOL
Once again, please look after me from here on and again.


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