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Goods decided! Acoustic Guitar Return!!!

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Good day and good evening
Today my skin is a bit cold.
The weather was like Autumn came to Tokyo.
but there was still some heat left on top of that

Now then, I wonder if everyone is enjoying all the information on the returns for the crowd funding?
Thinking about what I should do,

① A cap
② A smart phone ring
③ A cushion

I did a survey on twitter to whittle it down to these 3!
After two hours had passed. a lot of people had voted! I was so happy! Everyone was paying attention so there were more retweets and likes than usual lol

And, the results just came in!!!

Crowd funding・ Returns
The original goods are~~~~

*Drum roll*

A “cap” was decided⛑✨

Woo woo
I also got the idea for the cap from Twitter, and AIMI wears hats quite regularly,
so I thought that I would really like to make one!
I want to make one quickly and wear it!!

The ones that will serve as a return for the crowd funding will be made as soon as the goal is reached.
It will be a limited supply and there are no plans to make these available as goods.
That’s all! The project will have its own design this time, so since it is a limited design You should definitely get one✨✨

And, in addition, in addition

A return that I will introduce while holding my heart is this!!!

AIMI’s current use acoustic guitar!!!!


The name of my partner that I have always played
“Akko-chan” the acoustic guitar.
I chose my partner after searching and search, we’ve sung together, made songs together, and have always held each other.
We’ve been together since then.

↑around 2013

↑around 2013

↑around 2013

I cant count the number of times we’ve played together or made songs together.
That’s the kind of precious guitar it is.

But, as everyone may already know
I want to make AIMI Mini⇒Full!!
bigger than normal and make the greatest album

This guitar will travel again, and if it used by someone who loves AIMI’s music then I’d be really happy!!
I how it goes to someone who takes good care of it.
IT will really be AIMI’s partner so whoever gets it, please take care of it!

I’m going to play it while I can~~☺️♪

All the returns are soaked with AIMI’s feelings so please look forward to it!

AIMI’s CAMPFIRE crowd funding page will be revealed and start on 9/4 at 12:00 AM so register and wait a bit more

9/3(Sun) At about noon, LINE LIVE Broadcast
9/4(Mon) 12:00 Mini⇒Full Project Start
10/9(Holiday・Mon) Osaka MINAMI WHEEL appearance

Don’t forget!!!



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