Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Today is hot too~
Bu the scent of fireworks is all over the place.
The end of summer is all over the place too.
In the middle of all that, there is a lot to look forward to in the fall.

Yesterday, I announced that I will be making AIMI’s first full album!
And at the same time, that it will be crowd funded!
But I am thinking about all the many things that I will be able to do with this project

This time around, the project was born from the desire to go from a mini-album to a full album but,
Crowd funding requires something to be returned to those who supported the project
Today I will be introducing several of the returns for the courses♂️

The first is,
A CD Album➕ Gift CD
that we are preparing

Has anyone ever given a CD as a gift? This Christmas I will be giving a CD to friends as a present.
This is a CD that would be to give to someone who is important to you, you can give it to friends, family, lovers, or teachers, it is a gift CD that you can give to those important to you.
It wont be on store shelves, I want to make it into a special work.
I wonder who everyone wants to give it to ?

And, a special return is
To those who support AIMI, I want to entrust you guys with my PR
Original sticker ➕Flyer ➕Sticker Set,
Promotion Kit️♀️

The illustrations are only sketches in the end
You can put them in the city, a store, or of course your house, so let’s advertise the album we will all make together!
That’s the kind of return it is.
You can also give these as a present,
I wonder where I should put them up?
Tokyo? Okinawa? Maybe outside of the country?
It would be amazing if they could be put up in Brazil or India
wouldn’t it be?!!!
You may find it in unexpected places!!! Such a thing might happen!!! It is a kit of miracles

Also, a day I hope will come soon,
the pre-release complete listening return ♪❣️

I want to listen to the finished album together with everyone quickly! That’s the type of return it is!!
Its a party before release
It will take place at a great place with good acoustics.
We will be in the same place, listening to the same thing.
Let’s celebrate the joy of completing a album together with AIMI

Just imagining it, its already fun

Right now we are only putting together the returns so there may be parts that change but, I am still thinking of other original goods that can serve as presents.

Going towards the best album, I am continuing to make songs now.
Going towards completion, I am still singing.

To make it the best CD.
Small but not small!
From a mini to→ a full album!!

All details will be revealed on 9/4
I’m excited.

Hashtag “#AIMIフルアル” [#AIMIFullAlbum] Take part in this project on Twitter♪
What kind of original goods are would you like?
we will be taking more surveys like that so
until later!!

Song writing restarted~~


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