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[Album Production Decided! We will be crowd funding!]

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Hello everyone,
I am making a very important announcement!

Somehow! Somehowwwww!
Production of an album has been decided

Having seriously restarted my musical activities 9/4 of last year, making a venue exclusive CD, appearing at events, and having AIMI’s first one man live on 4/2 of this year, I am continuing step by step!
Within all that, its not like I was holding a live every month or every week, what I was doing during that time was putting together some songs.
The road I began on as the new artist called “AIMI’. And the music I have made.

Everything is fun and interesting to a mysterious degree, like I’m always trying something new.
And the things that never change, as far as I can remember I have always been supported by those around me, I, AIMI, am a solo artist but I am never alone.

I want to do what I can, express what I can, and make something I want to.
It is one of my dreams to make an album like that .

The scenery I saw at the one man is so colorful in my mind and soul, that I ca immediately recall it even now.
I want to make those colors into an album, and if I can, I strongly want the best possible iteration to reach everyone.

It has been approximately one year I have been walking one step at a time but I want to dash straight ahead with this now.
Straight ahead, straight ahead.
I want to dash ahead and tell everyone.
To that end, there are some steps I have to overcome.

The plan I had at first was a mini-album.
But I want to make the best AIMI sound “full album”!

At that time, I heard some talk of crowd funding.
I met a person from the crowd funding company CAMPFIRE and they listened to my idea.

Because I didn’t understand what “crowd funding” was, I wrote an easy to understand memo explaining it to my staff.
Today’s blog is a bit long but I am putting my hopes and dreams into this so please read it until the end✳︎

【What is crowd funding?】

Crowd funding is when creators and entrepreneurs gather funds from an unspecified amount of people through the internet. It is a term created by combining the words “crowd” and “funding”. It is a service that is used to launch products or creative endeavors .

Users who feel “I want to support this project!” contribute funds to support the project. And in response to that, the project is 遂行. To those who supported the project, their contribution is not returned with 金利 or 株式, but with an item, service, or experience, they can gain something that they can only gain through that project
The project is All-or-Nothing style, if the objective is not met by the specified amount of time, it is rejected, and the gathered funds are all returned to the supporters.

Do you understand crowd funding?

I want to make an album together with everyone!
That said crowd funding through CAMPFIRE will be going on from the original plan of a mini-album, I have started this project to rank up to a “full album”.

AIMI’s first,

Crowd funding will take place!!!
My heart is beating because it will be a challenge but, I will definitely, definitely make it a wonderful project so let’s make something special that can only be experienced here!
I want to make this for everyone so, I think having a questionnaire asking “What goods do you want?” would also be interesting
I will be asking on Twitter so please take part❣️
And, even though it’s just me, I want to dash straight ahead together with a lot of people so please spread the word!When you tweet about this project, please use the hashtag “#AIMIフルアル” (#AIMIFullAlbum)and tweet it!!!Details will be given through notifications on the blog and Twitter as they come up
I want to make this super interesting with everyone I can’t stop my excitement.
Let’s do our best towards the best full album!!!!!!


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