Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Good Morn’evening.

Obon Holiday, Summer break.
How did you spend your Summer break?

There must be a lot of people who would be resuming work and there must be a lot of those who must be panicking about their homework assignments.
Did you go on a vacation, a barbecue by the sea? or going to live shows?
Reading a book you’d stopped reading or watching movies?
what kind of summer are you spending?
Something I’m very interested in right now is pottery.(ceramics?)
the moments where using my fingers and the palms of my hands to mold nature and create something are just irresistible.
It is a touching feeling to see something taking shape by my own hands.

↑This is in spring but

There’s only one-of-a-kind in the world and even then there’s a feeling of nervousness that it would end up breaking.

The excitement that builds up while it bakes is quite similar to that of the process of making a CD.

Hobbies are important.

Yes yes.

And, Yesterday I went to the Summer Sonic Festival to bathe in sounds

As expected, Fests are good!!

Music is amazing~ from the bottom of my heart is I enjoy it. I do want to perform in a summer festival as ‘AIMI’.
Feels good, not as a thought but as a feeling, the fans were also rocking out on the floor like their life depends on it! And I am grateful to the summer for the urge and the feelings and the renewed realization of all these feelings.

Next year’s Summer!!! I want to spend the summer with all the readers of this blog
In Autumn there’s a high chance you will be receiving a lot of sudden news from me so I would like you to look forward to it ♪

by soon I mean tomorrow 22nd (Friday) there’s a tiny announcement.
What could it be?
And, the next live performance will be at Osaka Minami Wheel 2017 ⚡️

Finally, it is my performance tour, I’ll be hitting the Kansai region with all the power I stored up in Okinawa
and Tokyo. Let’s enjoy together!

Short summer, frolicking, working hard
Live today with the excitement of the coming Fall!!

Well then, I’ll be back to report to you about the Summer AIMI


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