Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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The date has already changed but,,

11/11 was

Bass Day!

It has been more than 10 years since I started playing the bass.

I did some dancing and piano when I was small (though I can’t play it now at all. Lol)

I have always loved music but

I never had any interest in something like bands,

“What is a bass? Huh?” It was just about as bad as that.

But suddenly,
I came to know the bass and now,

I feel like if I don’t have a bass I’m not myself, it has become that important an existence in my life.

Thanks to the bass, many of my dreams were able to come true,

From here on out, I want to continue fulfilling my dreams with the bass!


Let’s keep doing our best together.


Please continue to take care of the bassist NOHANA

from here on out!!

Yesterday, we had a bass girls date♡

Silent Siren’s Ainyan, Negoto’s Yuu-chan, and Shiori-chan

Whenever the 4 of us meet, I’m on cloud nine. Lol

In addition,

the guitarist Uo-chan, and Gan Bikudo drummer Mayukorin also participated. Lol

Nothing but band members that I love, it was too fun.


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