Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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11/5 Ciao Vella Tour Takahashi clubFLEEZ.

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Yesterday was the Ciao Bella Fall Tour at

Takahashi clubFLEEZ, thank you very much to everyone who came.

Both to myself and to Draft King,

it was our first Gunma live.

I’m so happy we could come thanks to Ciao Bella.

Yesterday’s solo corner.

The truth is we didn’t know who Robin-chan would pick until the performance,

so all the Draft King members were nervous. Lol

I was strangely confident that it wouldn’t be me but,

unbelievably I was the one called! Lol

Sorry I blew my fuse..

Everyday is fun in a different way

Ciao Bella lives are always different so I never get sick of them.

Before I realized, the tour that started in November has only a bit left.

I want to do more and more lives together!


I got a Mororin Flag
from the Caio Bella fans.

Come on!


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