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10/10 Shimokitazawa MOSAiC.

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This is late but,

everyone who came to

Shimokitazawa MOSAiC,

thank you very much.


Draft King’s first live as just a 3 man.

I was wondering how it would turn out but,

But it turned out somehow. Lol

Well, there was nothing but uneasy all over

it was by no means perfects but,

but, our feelings were full power at 120%!

Did Draft King’s feelings reach you?

It’s important to never forget

to always challenge new things.

I feel like we have gotten stronger again.

So many people coming out to these days which I don’t know what will become of is really reassuring.

The last day in this 3 day break is a rehabilitation day. Lol


I don’t know what will happen in the future,

that’s why I have to give it all I got now.

Draft King will do its best with what it can still do.

Please take care of us from now on too!!

From here on out, its food talk.

At the Curry Festival

the Magic Spice Super Curry♡

The 1 hour line made it even more delicious.

After the live,

I ate 2 donuts,

and after that
at Ousho, I had ramen+gyouza+fried rice.

I ate it all. Lol


the Draft King original cocktail

〝Tears of the Dorakirin”

Thank you to everyone who drank it.

Didn’t it taste like Dorakirin?


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