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9/29 Shibuya eggman Draft King+1 LIVE Anyhow SHOW!!

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Yesterday was Draft King’s project

Draft King + 1 LIVE Anyhow SHOW!!

Everyone who came to Shibuya eggman

Thank you very much!

I don’t know how it will turn out,

but we wont know until we try.

It was with that thinking that we tried this project.

It was more fun than I thought it would be,

and I feel like that itself was proof of something.

It was a Draft King live with guest vocalists.

We did “Abracadabra” with Chelsy’s MIO-tan

She sang as a guitar-vocalist, and it was like a new Draft King’s live so it was very new.

MIO-tan’s piercing voice was great for “Abra”.

Split BoB’s Koharu performed “Mayonaka Merry-go-Round

Watching Bob’s live, I got the impression of seriousness under all the pop, and that fit Kohara and Mayonaka perfectly.

Her figure at the head of a band is great too.

Sinamayu’s Moriyui sang “This is me.”

Moriyui said that was the only song she wanted to sing. Lol
Moriyui’s uniqueness came out plenty, as well as her amazing singing ability.

A “This is me.” overflowing with power. It was the best.

And “Chikai no Uta” with KANA-chan

It was a performance that you wouldn’t be able to feel her half-a-year break.

Being able to see KANA-chan on stage for the first time in a while (and being able to play together) made me happy.

Cia Bella’s Robin sang “Hey My Love”

Robin sand solo in a band, which is different from her Ciao Bella performances.
Even by herself, Robin-chan became a strong band vocalist, so much that I was surprised.

And she got everyone excited at the end of the regular set.

For the encore, all the guest vocalists sang, “Okuru Kotoba” together

Everyone freely got pumped up so it was fun!

This event was such a success because of,

everyone who performed, Shinamayu, Split BoB, ChelKing

The guest vocalists, MIO-chan, Koharu-chan, Moriyui, KANA-chan, Robin-chan

And all of our guests how warmly supported us when we tried this out for the first time.

And everyone from eggman.

Because everyone was involved, it became a much better event than I imagined.

Truly thank you!

Something we can only do now

Something only Draft King can do

We’ll try it.

You wont know unless you continue.

So, we’ll continue.

I was surprised by great flowers from everyone at FULL CHORUS!

Thank you very much.


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