Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Connect with Music

Hello and good evening

It’s already becoming completely autumn-like
this year’s summer ending in a flash~.
When I got back from Okinawa I was fully charged from all the fun and happiness, and began making songs for the sake of output ⭐️

I change ideas into sounds, and those sounds become songs which ring in my heart, and I get so excited about a song being do that I cant stand it!

And I get excited thinking about how everyone will hear them at a live

Going towards next month’s live, I wonder what I should do? I wonder what would be fun to do? Thinking about that, I have various planning meetings and of course all the smiling faces of those who are waiting float up.

The AIMI Demo bootleg CD’s also flew out of my hands into other hands more than I could have imagined on on 9/4.
Because there were a lot of people saying they wanted one but couldn’t go to the show, we began mail order but they sold out there too!
I think it’s about time for those to ship right?

I had 300 prepared for the venue-exclusive CD but since they’re something I put my love into, I’ll take some of the others I had left and take them to the live house with me
So don’t miss your chance to buy one, lol
For those of you who wanted one but couldn’t make it in time, you should be able to GET it at the 10/4 live
Come and see me at the goods corner

Truly, being connected by sound is a wonderful thing

Repeating it over and over, I’ll be very happy if you come to my live and sing with me

That said, I’ll keep making songs so everyone please keep checking the live schedule⭐️

I’ll be waiting

↓↓The next live

10/4 (Tues)『make a fist』
@Daikanyama LOOP

Minami no Risa
The Mass Missile

WEB reservations and other details are here→


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