Saturday, January 20, 2018
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9/24 Ciao Bella Tour Kashiwa PALOOZA.

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The Ciao Bella Fall Tour


Thank you very much.

A combo Mororin and MAO

It was interesting.

As the lives pile up

we can see the various forms of the Ciao Bella members,

and the way of their fans as well,

depending on the venue, the band sound will ring differently.

There’s no exact same live so

lives are the best after all.


Doing a live really depletes your energy so

without being able to stand the hunger, MAO and I,

returned home after having some ramen at Kashiwa.

And after that, there was also gyouza.

The next one is on 10/2, in Kobe.

But before that is the first Draft King live in a while next week!

9/29 eggman, I’m looking forward to it way too much!!


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