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9/19 Ciao Bella Tour Osaka Shaing Hall.

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The Ciao Bella Fall Tour

Osaka Shaing Hall

Thank you very much.

Yesterday was the second day in Osaka.

We were able to play as the band ver. at both the midday and afternoon performances

We wouldn’t play twice in one day for a normal live so

the novelty of it, as well as the feeling of exhaustion was not at all half-assed. Lol

But in exchange it was twice as fun!

And at the second encore, I got an unexpected birthday surprise!!!

I didn’t know it was all about me so I was really surprised!!

It was the first time I had been in the situation where a cake was brought out to me so I was happy.

Truly, truly, thank you very much!

On the bullet train back home, I ate it with gusto.

Something sweet after a live, so happy♡


MAO’s acoustic songs have increased so

look out for that at lives fro now on.

The next one is this week at 9/24 Kashiwa PALOOZA.

Please come.


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