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Full charge!!

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Good morning and good day☀︎

Last week, I took a break and went back to my hometown in Okinawa
Today’s blog is a bit long and has a diary feel but please stick with it

First, on the way back to Okinawa, because of the typhoon, it was uncertain that we would be able to land and it looked like we might need to go back and stop at Nagasaki or Haneda airport, that’s how heart racing the first half was but,
we were safely able to land at Naha airport

Man~ It was rough on my ear canals so it was quite the fright. Lol

It was also my birthday so the first night I went to eat shabu shabu with my family!
I once again thought about how grateful I was to be born and raised at this age

And, I was also able to see our cats that I’ve really wanted to see again, so that comforted me

Since I went back to bury my face into me cats. Lol

First, the spoiled Oedipus complex prince, who only shows his true tsundere nature to my mother, Chaa-chan. (His eyes speak volumes)

The always conflicting, looking up at people, making a face of feigned innocence, making people listless, wanting everything, daddy-loving, #2, Okoge-chan .(The people loving girl)

The two get along,
or so I would like to say be both are always picking fights and chasing one another like Tom and Jerry *even though both are cats) and everyday is a exercise meet.
These to are good at lay waste to our indoors

Though its said cats forget even their families’ faces quickly, the first day I came back Koge (Okoge) came and snuggled up with me on the futon which made me happy

They blow all the weariness away (though I wasn’t tired)

And the next day, I went far to my favorite town and soaked in some air I really needed.

Suuuu♪ hhaaaaa<3
There were some things that changed, but there were still things that hadn’t and I recalled my resolution, it’s a place that makes me strong

To me its a power spot

The weather was a bit unfortunate but I was able to enjoy Okinawa fully!
So to everyone who hasn’t been to Okinawa yet, if you have a chance please visit the town of Motobu

I also have a long history with the Kishimoto Eatery from the time I was a kid, I highly recommend their Okinawa soba!

I was able to meet people I wanted to see and say “I’m doing well” so I spent a really good time.

My battery was fully charged.

Ah, also.
I also met a new member of the family
This black one is the 3rd

Cu, cuuuuuuutttttte~
I was surprised since he came to our home while I was on my flight lol
I wasn’t happy to have a new member of the family♪

Its name is Kokoa (The name of an idol everyone really likes)
Since its still a baby, it teeters like its head is heavy and it was rough getting woken up at night with cries of “Milk! Milk!”, “Bathroom! Bathroom!” and “Play with me! Play with me!’ but being chased by it and it sleeping on my chest really comforted me and deepened our bond

Of course, Okoge-chan and Chaa-chan are still cautious of him but they try to get his attention and play with him so I think he’ll be fine!
Get big and healthy~~

I took some video for comfort, maybe Ill put it up on Twitter
If I feel like talking about Okinawa again, Ill add it

I received plenty of congratulation at the live and it made me think about how I wanted to sing more, but going back home and seeing the smiling faces of my friends and family as they welcomed me back really comforted me, and the energy I received makes it seem like I can do my best this year

I don’t know how far I can go.

But, no matter how far I can go, lets go that far together


I hope everyone spends today smiling as well


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