Sunday, December 17, 2017
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A summer’s memory.

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Yesterday I went to the pool with MAO and KANA-chan,

and finally fully enjoyed summer.

August ended without me being able to wear the new swimsuit I bought this year

I was wondering what I should do about it but,

somehow I was able to slid it in this summer! Lol

The weather forecast had it cloudy after the rain,

and it was raining when I left the house, so I was wondering how it would all turnout but

my sunny woman power was opportunely unleashed

and the sun really came out!!

I wonder if MAO, making a face that its too bright, understood that? Lol

The swimsuit KANA-chan is wearing is actually mine.

But even if I wore it, it wouldn’t look like that ww

Eat, swim, eat, swim,

I just repeated that over and over. Lol

But rather than swimming, it was more like I was being swept away. Lol

This is a picture of when we were arriving at the pool,

and this is one of us returning.

Pretty much without make up w(But there’s comparatively more left on me. Lol)

After the pool, we went to hot springs,

and were wonderfully, completely healed.

In one day we were quite satisfied, it was really fun.

Since I spent such an active day,

it looks like I’ll just spend my days cooped up playing bass now.


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