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My feelings on 9/4.

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Hello and good evening

I, AIMI, passed my 26th birthday yesterday on 9/4

And, I was able to sing with strength at a live performance for the first time in quite a bit

It was fun~~~~

This time, I challenged a style using the electric guitar + DJ manipulator + synthesizer for music!

Me after the live with the two from CRAFTMANS who help me create music.

I also got flowers!

My nerves for the live going to sleep the day before, my excitement heading to the venue starting the morning of, and the happiness and enjoyability during the live itself.

My feelings were so busy with happy things, lol
Even though I’m putting it to words, the day passed.

Thank you to everyone who came!
I was also nervous performing only new music in front of the guests but I’m happy that everyone enjoyed themselves~♪

I’m also glad that a lot of people lined up to buy the Demo CD and I was able see each and everyone as they got the CD.

“Welcome back”
“Do your best”
“I’ve been waiting”

A lot
of people told me things like this.
Thank you.

At the after party, everyone looked like they had fun as well, I even got a birthday cake.

I got to know both Konan-chan and Supiguri who I performed with

It was a good event!!
(I’ll have lives with the both of them again next month)

I was able to spend a day of fulfillment because of everyone, and I myself was able start again as well.

There were various things on the way here.
If I continue living, then I, as well as my surroundings will change.
Standing still, looking back, it wasn’t just positive things.

But, I think the feelings to live powerfully are important.

I felt like there are a lot of people that make me feel that way.
That’s why, yesterday, I strongly thought that I want to express important things like that to everyone and that I want more and more music to reach everyone.

I’m not alone.
Everyone is my friend.

I feel like, within all of everyone’s smiles, my own power is multiplied even more

It ended up being long but,,,

From here on out, I might still be going slowly but I’m thinking only of moving forward so once again, please take care of AIMI


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