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AIMI Comeback Update

To anyone that has been intently following AIMI waiting for any sign of a comeback, this year has been the most exciting by far since the dissolution of Stereopony. Any lack of news coming from AIMI has directly correlated with lack of material on her personal Twitter account which was formerly the only source of information for fans. That’s why AIMI’s frequent use of Twitter this year has been a source of not only news but excitement for all her fans. She also started an Instagram account and posts quite frequently to it, further increasing her reach on social media.

Coming to a surprise to all fans, both Japanese and international, has been her rare unannounced Twitcasts. AIMI has performed new material during these Twitcasts and provided the few lucky fans who saw them a look into the musical direction of AIMI’s current activities. The latest of which was broadcast on July 9th and featured AIMI seemingly recording a new song.

In addition, English speaking fans have reason to be excited as AIMI has not only visibly improved her English language skills but English tweets from AIMI have become an uncommon occurrence. In appreciation for overseas fans, she suddenly posted this message to international fans on her Instagram: “My supporters all over the world. grateful. It is far away. but, I feel close to you. thank you♡”. Hardcore Stereopony supporters will also notice the hydrangeas in the background which was a nice Easter egg.

My supporters all over the world. grateful. It is far away. but, I feel close to you. thank you♡

A photo posted by AIMI (@my_name_is_aimi) on

On July 14 AIMI updated her Twitter icon with what is seemingly an official artist picture and more surprisingly, began a LINE Blog, once again increasing the number of information sources for AIMI. She also announced a live performance on September 4th which will represent her first live since her increased activity.
AIMI has mentioned many times about how her life influences her music. And fans were able to see just how much in a song preview video she released on Youtube on July 16. The video contains a preview of two songs titled “Cotton” and “We-know”. While the songs are unfinished, the preview allows fans both a chance to hear AIMI singing original music for the first time in a while, but also gives fans an idea in which way the self-proclaimed “new AIMI” is heading. The videos were posted to an account which was created on June 16, 2013 around the time of her first post-Stereopony live performance. This represent a remnant of a early comeback which never came to fruition.

Either way AIMI fans have many reasons to get excited, there is a chance she will make an announcement on the day of her live, which coincidentally is also her birthday, September 4th. There will certainly be an announcement sometimes close in the future. Make sure to stay updated on AIMI news here on VGD and also make sure to read AIMI’s blog which is also translated into English here.
Do you think AIMI will finally begin a serious comeback? Or will this attempt end up petering out? Tell us how you feel and discuss it on the VGD forum!


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