Saturday, December 16, 2017
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NEW Recordings first reveal!

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Good morning and hello

Heading towards the live, what kind of music should I write?
What can the current AIMI express?
I filled myself with those kinds of thoughts.

All the things I’ve experienced these past few years, both in my personal and musical activities,,,

I want to walk down a road I can sing the songs I’m currently making with all my heart.

I write while thinking of the people I have become well acquainted with and with those I’ll meet from here on out, and writing things I want to express to them in my songs.

I still, still in the middle of my journey.
One step at a time.

While thinking that

I’m looking forward to the live, and looking forward to those who want to hear my music.
They’re not complete at all but, because I felt I want these to reach everyone quickly, I tried making a Demo Trailer Movie myself.

I hope it reached a lot of people

From here on out, please take care of AIMI


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