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The sea, boats, yukatas, and celebration

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Hello and good evening

AIMI-san, has finally gotten done something summer-like now that we’ve entered August

Truth be told it was the other day.
I went to a marriage party after being invited by my friend

And it was a bit of a sophisticated party,
so it was on a houseboat♪

It was the first time I’ve ever been on a house boat!

Staring at Tokyo Bay, I started to long for the feeling of floating and the bustling sounds⭐️

Also, the dress code was yukatas for, my friends had a very married couple like feel

Singing on a boat was fun♪

And matching how fun it was, my whole face was smiling

When I was wearing my yukata, I was told I gave of a Ryukyuan[Okinawan] feeling, is that so? Lol

It’s completely different from Okinawa’s ocean but that cant be help and it as such a great party that even I had fun

Has everyone already worn a yukata this year?
I ate a lot of tempura, came in a yukata, sung on a houseboat, laughed and laughed, and was genuinely grateful I was born Japanese


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