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8/7 Shibuya eggman one man LIVE ~Live Is Only Once~

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It’s late but,,

Thank you very much,
to everyone who came to the Shibuya eggman one man live.

It had been a while since I had seen all of you so
I was very much looking forward to it and there was a lot of heart pounding but,

once the live started, the time passed away in a flash, it was really, really fun.

I felt everyone’s intense feelings and love.

it was our last live with erica but,
it would be great if the day came when we can hear erica’s singing voice again.

To erica, Draft King was her first band so I think there was a lot of pressure and difficult things but the 4 of us managed to do a lot of things together.

Thank you for everything up until now.

Losing such a great vocalist like erica really puts Draft King in a pinch but,

we’ve got no choice but to turn this pinch into a chance!

Draft King wont stop

NOHANA, SHIHO, and MAO will continue to play

Next month on 9/29, we’ll be holding a Draft King project live!

Doing things for the first time is a bit scary but,

we wont know until we give it a try.

Many of our friends are helping Draft King in their pinch.

I’m looking forward to nothing but great performers.

I’ll write another blog about the event some other time.

〜Live Is Only Once〜

Thank you for the once in a life time, most enjoyable time.

I want to continue walking together with everyone from now on.

Please take care of us from now on.

Let’s meet again at a live.


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