Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Tomorrow is finally the one man.

various feelings are coming up but,

I want to spend the best time with everyone.

Let’s have the best time at full power!

3 years ago,
Draft King’s first one man was on August at eggman too.

At that time, it was Draft King’s fist one man and, with all the pressure and all the preparations, I went home by myself and went crazy. Lol

I had taken on so much by myself and I blew up,, Lol

I can laugh now but,
that time was desperate..

While remembering that,
I make preparations for tomorrow.
(I wonder if there’s anything I’ve forgotten.)

Tomorrow’s live is

not an end but,

it has a feeling of being a cut off point.

Whether crying or laughing,

it’s a day that will only come once.

Let’s have fun at full power!!!!!!


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