Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Angels and Stars★

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Hello and good evening☀︎

It’s hot today too isn’t it?! Japan?!

I feel like just moving around carrying around my guitar gets me a good amount of exercise in

I have to up my physical strength!

Just about 1 month left until the live
My heart wont stop beating going towards a day in which several special things will overlap.

Yesterday, before I even put it on, I thought the necklace I made by hand looked pretty good★

I made it while thinking of the live and praying.

The things my music teacher who always took care of me taught me are still living inside my heart

That teacher is like a big angel to me.
I received a lot of love from that big person.

And existence that is surely still watching over me in the sky.

That’s why the angels and stars are a special motif

The stars and the angels inside of our hearts watch over us, as well as the past we’ve lived until now.
But they also contain various feelings.

I’ll keep singing songs that will become my allies

Ei, ei, ooo


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