Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Reach the coolness

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Hello and good evening,
Entering August, we’re at the height of summer

I remember that time when, hearing the great chorus of cicadas, I played my guitar and sang loudly under the sky, competing as to not lose to the cicadas Lol

What are everyone’s summer plans?
Festivals? Trips? Beach? Firework shows?

Summer is just beginning so a lot of fun things are waiting.

But? Because of the heat, you want to get to cool temperatures. Right? So I hope the “coolness” I feel will reach everyone!!

The fish inside the tank of a shop I visited looked so cool

I felt good just looking at them

A mini puffer fish and

a shrimp on the border

It really made me want one!

Maybe I should raise on…. What should I do….

I’m still not spending an active summer but, I’m going to the movie theater and getting my nails done into a cool color (My right hand’s nails are long but since I wouldn’t be able to play the guitar, my left hand’s nails are short, reverse nails).

I also go on walks when the sun is going down, and eat peaches I got (a summer fruit?),

Ah, I ate eel on the midsummer Day of the Ox♪
Summer is fun and delicious after all

I wonder if even a bit of this coolness will reach everyone? Lol

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