Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Its August!

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As soon as I thought that it was gradually getting sunny

a sudden guerilla downpour came,

The weather has been busy yesterday and today.

Today when I went to the studio at 11 o’clock,

The usual attendant said
“Your reservation today starts at 1 o’clock.”

and that’s how I found out
that I had mistaken the time for rehearsal.

Two hours during the morning is a lot.

Taking refuge at a café with Wi-Fi and charging outlets
and spent the time but,

The cafe’s cooler was working too well and,

and while my cellphone charged up,

my body was cooled up.. Lol

It seems the day Draft King’s one man will be perfectly sunny so

so make your preparations

so that you don’t lose out to the heat.

A video showing the status of our rehearsal has been uploaded to the fan club website.

Take a look.


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