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Rainy season and sometimes song making

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Once again, please take care of me on the LINE Official Blog from now on

I was thinking about what I should write but
At any rate, it’s been a couple of years since I last properly wrote in a blog Lol

Though I say that, the bare AIMI should come out easily.
Surely there are a few people that were thinking “AIMI’s alive”.

It’d be great if I could convey how the current my is living day to day.
Within that connecting my tomorrow to everyone’s tomorrow makes my heart beat as I’m writing.


The Tokyo sky is currently under not very refreshing weather but as far as that goes, if the clouds become my ally then the big sun should surely come… With those hopes packed in, lately while thinking like that I’ve been fired up on song making.

Being in a warm bath, the asphalt while I’m walking, a café with delicious coffee, even laying in bed with my eyelids closed, I always have those feelings and they produce melodies and feelings.

What hasn’t changed since long ago,,, I still sing whenever I’m free.

I’m doing well and singing underneath the same sky! Those types of days.

If we could meet again that would be great~♪
If we could sing together again that would be great♪

This weekend is a three day weekend for everyone.
Have a lot of fun! And smile a lot


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