Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Today I did some large eating activities.

The place of the showdown was, was at Higashihakuraku Station
(The first time I’ve been down there)

Wankosoba Tachibana

The weather was perfect and

both the emptiness of my stomach and my spirits were plentiful.

We got an explanation and put on aprons,

now, wanko!!

There was one time 5 years ago in Iwate when I tried it but,

this time around I was faster,,!!
(I think)

I’m good at eating a lot but eating fast is no good.

I’m with the “eat a lot slowly” faction.

But, without paying attention to those things,

yes, keep going and going♪

Jyan jyan♪

Yes, one more♪

I continued without reprieve with a rhythmic tune.

A battle with soba that didn’t end.

Eat, eat, and eat more.

(↑The second half was pretty difficult.)

After eating 5, you get 1 marble.

I got 20 marbles.

In about 30 minutes,

I ended up eating 100 bowls!!

Probably enough soba for 7 people.

It was tough.

If you ate more than 80, you get to leave your name in the restaurant’s notebook, so I was able to firmly leave my name.

It was delicious and fun but

I wont be needing soba for a while..

Before and after eating the soba

The length of the string for the one piece’s waist ribbon is different,, lol

Before eating.

After eating.



You want to see video of us eating intently?? Lol



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