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Draft King Vocalist Erica to leave band.

Draft King Vocalist Erica leaves band

A regrettable announcement came from Draft King early Tuesday in Japan.

Draft King founding member and vocalist Erica has decided to retire from the band. Erica will make her final performance after the live at Shibuya Eggman on Sunday, August 7th. In her statement, Erica revealed she was having mixed feelings about continuing to sing, and informed the other members of her desire to depart in March. Details and statements from the band are outlined below.

Translated Announcement:

Important notification

To everyone who is always supporting Draft King, truly thank you very much.
After the live at shibuya eggman on 8/7 (Sun), our vocals Erica will be leaving the band.
Receiving notification from the person herself in March, the result of the members and the staff talking together, was this decision.To all the fans who have supported us, this is a very unfortunate announcement.
And again to everyone who is involved with us, we profusely apologize for this inconvenience from the bottom of our hearts.Without changing, please continue to support us.
From Draft King members and staff

~LIVE Information~
8/7(Sunday)Shibuya eggman
「Draft King One man LIVE ~ LIVE Is Only Once ~」
Preorder:¥3,000- Same day:¥3,500-
Ticket sale
FC priority(FC priority will be communicated through a URL)
7/2 (Saturday) General sale commences
Other details will be revealed at a later date.

Erica made a statement on the Line Blog

Erica’s Statement Translated

I, the vocalist Erica have decided、

That after the live on 8/7,

Will be leaving

Draft King.

I am extremely sorry that

It became a sudden announcement.

For 3 and a half years

I was active as Draft King’s vocalist but,

Due to my own indecision and my feelings towards singing

I have wanted to get away from singing for a while,

Those feelings have gotten stronger

I don’t think I could

continue to be Draft King’s vocalist

or stand on stage,

In March I consulted with

The staff and members

“I want to leave”

It is me being selfish but,

I was able to choose to “leave” after the August live.

To all those fans who

Have supported me until now

And to all those who are involved with us

I’m really sorry

things turned out like this.

I’m sorry this became

A sudden announcement.

As the final live

Taking place on 8/7,

I want to take my feelings of gratitude

And make it the greatest live.

Erica’s Statement on Twitter:

Everyone, I apologize for the sudden notification. I’ll be waiting at the last live at eggman.^ ^

Nohana, Shiho, and Mao collectively made statements on twitter.

I’m sorry for the sudden announcement. I don’t want to have these feelings anymore, or be made to have them. I’m really sorry..

Right now, there are a lot of things I’m thinking, I want to convey, that I have to convey. I want to take my time telling you so,,. Right now I’m just responding to everyone’s honest responses with my tears. Thank you. Sorry..

(Retweet of Excite music’s article)
Uuh.. Truly thank you very much(>_<) Excite’s words are reassuring and made me happy.

I type up various words, and then erase them. And repeat that.. I truly apologize for the sudden report. I’ve been troubled over it many times. I’ve truly been troubled by it many times. But Draft King won’t disappear.

To everyone who supports us, I’m sorry for startling everyone with the sudden notification. I feel both feelings of unforgivability and wanting everyone to continue supporting Draft King at the same time. I want to convey that even if it’s a little.

As alluded by NOHANA, Excite posted about Erica’s departure


The article as translated:

The vocalist erica for the girls rock band Draft King will be leaving the band after a live at Shibuya eggman on 8/7 (Sunday). On the “Music Spice” (FM FUJI/Every Monday 24:00-24:30) which the members are the personalities, erica herself made the announcement.

At the end of program, being introduced by SHIHO who was also in charge of being a personality on that day, erica commented “For 3 and a half years, I’ve been active as the vocalist but, doubts about myself appeared, feelings that I couldn’t stand on stage anymore, and the answer I came up with was to leave the band”. In March I consulted with the members and staff, and at the end of our uncertainties, I made the resolve to leave music after Shibuya eggman’s stage on 8/7 (Sunday), and we talked about the details of my exit.

In regards to their last 4 member live she left this message “I want to take the feelings of gratitude of everyone I’ve met until now and make it the best live” SHIHO cheerfully added ”Let’s do it all the way!” and promised the fans to make 8/7(Sunday) the greatest stare.

The band is planned to continue, and further activities will be announced on their official site and SNS. Please go see erica(Vo), NOHANA(Ba), MAO(Gt), and SHIHO(Dr) final, best stage.

Please continue to follow Very Good Days as we continue to keep you updated about erica’s departure and Draft King’s future

Special thanks to our translator: crimsonknight4


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