Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Today was rehearsal from the morning to the afternoon with Ciao Bella.

Heading towards 5/15’s Osaka Number 8,
we are preparing fully with all of our might.

It’s nothing but new experiences but,
but I cant help but have a good feeling about it.

I’m looking forward to Number 8.

By the time we excited from the studio it was pitch black.

It even started raining but,
I got on the train and by the time we reached the next station, it had stopped raining.

Even at night I can display my sunny woman power.

Once I was relaxed about rehearsal being over,
I was hungry so
MAO and I ate at McDonald’s and went home.

Today we ate well too. Lol

I was so focused that everything started spinning like I was troubled by something,
so it looks like Ill be able to sleep well tonight.

Alright, tomorrow we’ll change outfits.

Good night.


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