Saturday, January 20, 2018
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4/22 Shibuya eggman.

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Everyone who came to Shibuya eggman yesterday, thank you.

Our first eggman in a while!

It was a really intense and fun night.

eggman lives are special after all.

These lasers.

eggman’s lighting got a power up!

Lighting + Everyone’s passion

With that I was able to get a good sweat out.

I was able to get on good terms with LAGOON who we played with for the first time,
and since we’ve been together with tancobuchin so much lately the distance between us is getting smaller which makes me happy.

After the live Draft King and mimic.’s bridge[guitar/bass] squad went to go east ramen.

My favorite self-style shio ramen tsukemen,

of course I had a large portion and ate it all with gusto.

It was delicious.

The nest live is on 5/1 at eggman.

HEAD SPEAKER’s last live.

It’s a really special day so please come everyone.


Sorry about suddenly not being able to update the blog everyday..

Lately every day’s been so crazy, once it calms down I’ll update again.


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