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Draft King Activity Digest

Despite the lack of flashy news such as releases or tours, Draft King has remained hard at work. These past 5 months they have continued performing lives in new venues alongside bands they have not played with before. Some of these lives have led them to play with big names and at bigger venues, namely the lives they have participated in sponsored by FUJI FM which is the home of their regular radio show. They even played for the “Tokyo Boys Collection” at Akasaka BLITZ on March 17th which coincidently was the venue at which Stereopony held their final live. Nohana wrote a blog specifically addressing her feelings on the venue, which you can read here.


Among these seemingly random lives Draft King was hard at work with their “5 months of consecutive project lives”. Performing again with new bands at new venues, they were able to present something unique and interesting for each of their lives. At each one of these project lives they performed alongside bands they had never performed alongside before. Then for their final project live on March 24, they performed with BABY RAIDS JAPAN, LIFriends, Ciao Bella Cinquetti, Sanmyu’s Niihara Sena and a comedian named “TAIGA” effective making it an aggregate of all the previous project lives Every single one of these lives were broadcast online either through a Twitcast or LINE LIVE. This may indicate that this period was in order to expand Draft King’s fan base and spread their name. The new venues and bands certainly support this thought.

Draft KingThere were no major announcements made at the 5th Consecutive Project Live unfortunately.
Draft King has securely continued their live activities into April, performing in two GIRLS ROCK SPLASH events to start off the month. There was a period in early April which apart from a future performance at HEAD SPEAKER’s final live, Draft King had no scheduled lives. However this quickly changed with the addition of more lives for April and another live on HEAD SPEAKER’s farewell tour. While they did add lives, another period off no scheduled lives is approaching.

The big question many have been asking is when will Draft King make another release? Many have been hoping for an album for almost half a year. It is quickly approaching a year since they release “This is me” on July 7th 2015, 4 months after the release of “Okuru Kotoba”. Although there has been no official indication that any release is on the way, Nohana has lightly mentioned her desire to release an album on a radio appearance and on this blog entry.

Nohana has continued to proactively write on her blog, committing at the start of the year to write a blog for everyday however [thankfully for this translator] she has begun to slow down on that account. However still remains very active in updating fans on the blog.

With summer festival season quickly approaching the window for a release announcement grows smaller each day.

In the meanwhile they have their first Shibuya eggman live in a while scheduled for the 22nd of April performing alongside LAGOON[led by Takimoto Miori ], Tancobuchin, mimic, and ARKS.

What do you predict for the future of Draft King and what are your biggest hopes? Join discussion in the forum!


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