Saturday, January 20, 2018
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4/3 Abeno ROCKTOWN.

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Thank you Abeno ROCKTOWN.

Our first Osaka live in a while.

It was a dense 45 minute stage.

Everyone’s smiles and voices were filled with energy.

It was really fun!!!

Everyone from Kansai that we hadn’t met in a while,

as well as some people who ran over from Kanto,

everyone got pumped up to the max at Abeno ROCKTOWN.

It was our first time at Abeno ROCKTOWN, it was a really nice live house
and the roof was so tall that the 3 person chorus on “Mangetsu” really echoed through the venue well.

Seeing everyone having fun, I was able to unreservedly have fun as well and it was too fun.

Adrenaline overload. Lol

I couldn’t really be Osaka-like but,

being able to see and have the best time with everyone is most important.

The kind staff bought delicious mitarashi dango, takoyakim and ice cream for us with perfect timeing.

And the hot springs felt great.

And after that a story of an eventful day but for another time,,. Lol

Thanks Osaka.


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