Saturday, December 16, 2017
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There was Draft King rehearsal.

Changing the arranging, finding new ways of attracting people, this and that.

All the fun preparations for the 3/24 live are progressing steadily.

today we had a donguri tasting party. Lol

On the FC Blog SHIHO and MAO tried to make donguri.

I didn’t know donguri existed until I saw both of them eating it but,
in an izakaya or something when they put in the flavor of some quail eggs its called “donguri”.

That said,
I tried what both of them made with all my strength.

I liked the one MAO made better.

Please take a look at both of their passion towards donburi on the FC blog.

Comment replies on a whim.

[A set of 3 types of meat and a set of 3 vegetables…
3 of your favorite things are the best!(Lol)
But motsunabe, beer, and ramen are the best!]

Meat, meat, meat, that’s the best right?

Chicken wings, skirt steak, and fillet
if these three are in there then I’m happy.

[You don’t like sashimi!?

For me it’s Car + Cola + Draft King I guess

Driving with a cola in my hand, blasting Draft King]

I don’t like raw things.

I’m happy Draft King is included!
I also want to be good enough a driver that I can drink cola while driving. Lol

[I remembered this in Shinjuku.
Of course tongue, but I had eaten tail soup until now and it was really impactful.

After I went to a Stereopony live, there was a store I went to often towards the bottom of the hill of Dougenzaka’s eggman.

I was happy to see that the Negishi in Shinuku hadn’t changed from a long time ago.

I’m sorry. It wasn’t a set of 3, I rate a lot at Negishi.

If you have the chance please try and look up Keika Ramen in the center of town. Thinking of Keika Ramen I go to other shops in Shinjuku often.]

There are some memories you remember with food.

When I went to a family restaurant called”Joyful”, I was reminded of the one in my hometown and I got excited and started suddenly using my dialect. Lol

I wonder what kind of ramen Keika Ramen is?
I’ll try and find out!

A set of NOHANA, SHIHO, and MAO, if you can add erica then it’s the best!]

Thank you for the exemplary answer. Lol

That set of 4 is the best.


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