Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Osaka, Chiba.

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We will be going to the event that is always taking care of us, GIRLS ROCK SPLASH!!, at Osaka and Kashiwa!!!

<4/3 (Sun) Abeno ROCKTOWN>
Performers: Chu’s day.、Draft King, SEKIRARA, Girl’s Rock Revolution, Split BoB, and others

We’ve kept you waiting Osaka!

We couldn’t go for the project lives but, we can finally go meet everyone in Osaka.

Please take care of us at our first Osaka live in a while.

<4/9 (Sat) Kashiwa PALOOZA>
Performers: Draft King, CherryHearts, Shina Mayu, Tancobuchin, Hello Music, Pudra, Split BoB, and others

And Kashiwa!

It will be at Osaka’s Abeno ROCKTOWN too but, it will be the first time we’ve performed at Kashiwa PALOOZA.
I’ve been curious about both live houses so I’m looking forward to being able to play there now.

Come and visit everyone.


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