Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Everyone must gather!

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3/24 Shibuya WWW

Details unveiled!!

The bands we’ll be playing with are,

continuing from last time, everyone from BABY RAIDS JAPAN♡
I’m so happy to be able to play with BABY RAIDS again!

And with Ciao Bella Cinquetti for the first time♡
I’m looking forward to playing with them for the first time!!

We still plan to increase the number of performers so continue to look forward to it.

Since it’s the final we’ll do a super intense live!

Draft King 5 Months Consecutive!!
Sponsored LIVE vol.5 ~FINAL~

3/24 (Thu) Shibuya WWW

act:Draft King / BABY RAIDS JAPAN /Ciao Bella Cinquetti/and more…

Tickets go on sale starting today!

e plus
Lawson tickets (L code: 73607)
Tickets Pia (P code: 292-040)

A 5 months compilation live.

Look forward to it!!


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