Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Baby King

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Today we had a joint rehearsal with BABY RAIDS JAPAN,
the band we played with at the 2/11 project live.

Today was the first day we met but,
Baby Raids were so cute♡♡♡
And they’re really great girls♡

Draft King’s little sisters were adorable from start to finish. Lol

We’ll be doing a collaboration live on 2/11 too so look forward to that!!

After the long rehearsal ended,
today was Meat Day (2/9)!!!!!! [2/9 = ni/ku = meat in Japanese]

Of course you have to eat meat.

Shabu shabu with everyone!

Since we had shabu shabu one year ago on meat day, we did it this year as well.
I want to make it a tradition every year.

I was happy being able to eat meat after such a long time.


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