Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Lingering Memory.

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Now although 1 day has passed, I’m still immersed in the lingering memory of the Chinese food.

Even though yesterday I went completely non-alcoholic, my body has a dull, heavy feeling like I’m drunk.

Even if I’ve eaten a lot of meat, my stomach has never felt so heavy.
I guess this is what they call uneasy digestion.

That and Chinese food drunkenness.. Lol

Yesterday even though that’s all I ate, my stomach felt empty and I didn’t know whether I wanted to eat something or not.

But, right now I can say for sure, that Chinese food is okay. Lol

Today I couldn’t get Chinese food off my mind and went from
a meeting⇨ Rehearsal⇨ NohaRaji recording.

And since 2/2 is twin tail day I tried to take a picture but Shiho-san got in the way, and it was magnificently blurred.

Well, I’m not at a “twin tail” age anymore anyway,,.

Rehearsal was good too so I want to do a live quickly,,!!

2/14 (Sunday) DIFFER Ariake
GIRLS ROCK SPLASH!! 2016 Valentine’s Day

The timetable ahs been announced!

Draft King is the last spot at 21:10~!!!

It’s a long event but stay for Draft King everybody.

I want you to enjoy it from start to finish.


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  1. Hello Nohana-san. My name is Ray. I am from Kentucky USA. If I may ask; What is a good Sake for a first timer? I have wanted to try it for a long time now, and thought that this would be a great opportunity ask someone who seems to like food and drink. —Thanks for the music! I have enjoyed the jams since y’all started and hope to be a fan for a long time!