Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Nabe Party.

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Today I had a radio job together with MAO.

We wore white knitted clothing!

But, the one who chose the white knitted clothing for MAO was me. Lol

I’ll give you the details about the radio job another time.

At night, we had a four person nabe party with Shiho, Timo, and Mami-chan from SCANDAL!

Without consultation, everyone brought ingredients I wanted to eat.
I was concerned since everyone did their shopping separately. Lol

Nabe 1st challenge.

Nabe 2nd challenge.

And there was zousui to top it off.

It seems it had been about 7 years since the 4 of us last gathered!

7 years ago, when we all moved up to Tokyo, we all went out in Shibuya.

We took a perikura.
Then we played around taking funny faced pictures at a McDonalds with a DS camera. Lol

We were still in our teens.

We were young. Lol

Talking about about how we’ve become adults, we fully enjoyed the time we had.

Some nabe ingredients were left over so I thought I would gather them all up again.



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