Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Bands are great huh?

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I said I would update the blog everyday so after the date changed, I updated it right away. Lol

Today was Draft King rehearsal starting from the morning.

Going towards vol. 3 of the project live on the 16th we’re making various preparations!

After rehearsal ended, we went to SCANDAL’s Budokan live.

I’ve seen SCANDAL’s live many times.

When I watch them, they’re so cool I get jealous.

But, when we meet, they’re the same as always and I love them.
Good work on your tour final.

After the live, me and Ainyan from Silent Siren went together and intruded on a bass party.

The party I participated in this time was quite a large scale bass party so I was nervous.

But, I was reassured seeing bass players I knew.♡

The ratio of [people wearing] glasses was high. Lol

I was happy to be able to meet so many of my band friends today, it was really motivational..

Draft King will do their best.


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