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SHISHAMO announces 3rd album and arena hall tour!

SHISHAMO played their first show at Nippon Budokan titled “SHISHAMO NO BUDOKAN” on January the 4th. Playing to a sold out crowd they also announced both their third album and their first arena hall tour.

After successfully completing their one man tour which comprised all Zepp locations and making their first appearance on Asahi TV’s “Music Station” in November, they sold out their first Budokan live.

Their performance included an even distribution of songs from their previous albums but also included a few new songs such as “Tabigaeri” (Returning from a Trip) and “Towel”.
During the encore the band’s vocalist Miyazaki Asako exclaimed “Up until now we have released two full albums independently but…in March we will be releasing a 3rd indie full album!” Mizayaki also announced SHISHAMO’s first arena hall tour, the dates and venues for which have already been set. Finally SHISHAMO played another new song “Nakaniwa no Kanojo-tachi” (Girls in the Courtyard) which will be included in the new album.

The official SHISHAMO website was updated with information on the new album and new visuals.

The new album will be called “SHISHAMO 3” (Shishamo San) following the pattern from their two previous full albums. It is slated to be released on March 2nd of this year and will consist of 11 songs including their singles “Nettaiya” (Sweltering Night),“Kimi to Gerende” (With you on a ski slope), as well as “Nakaniwa no Kanojo-tachi” (Girls in the Courtyard) which was performed at their Budokan show. The album is priced at 2700 yen.

The cover which depicts all three band members was also revealed. While not a drastic departure from the previous covers’ style, it is certainly a novel design.


Pre-orders for the arena hall tour will start on the 5th through SHISHAMO’s official website.


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