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12/29 Shibuya eggman.

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Everyone who came to Shibuya eggman, thank you!

The last live of 2015 was too much fun.

This year we were able to have the most enjoyable last live.

I’m so content.

I spoke about this a bit during the MC but,
This year and the year before that, Draft King had the most appearances at eggman.

But, this year we weren’t able to do too much lives at eggman but
that’s because eggman has become an even more special place to us.

This is something I thought after the success of last year’s one man.

eggman is a place I love very much but, rather than doing a lot of lives there, it feels more like a place I can come back to.

I was happy we were able to have the last live of the year be at eggman,

Since it was the end of the year, I wanted to do something explosive,
so during the live, we shot off a bazooka. Lol

And when we did, it flew way further than I thought it would

It was caught well in the light of the stage. Lol

Sorry to all of eggman’s staff. Lol

today that became another memory,

Thank you for all your great voices and smiles.

I hope we can meet a lot next year at lives too.

These are pictures with all the bands we played with today.

There were a lot of performers so unfortunetly we couldn’t get one all together.

Ooooh, I want to do a live already!


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