Saturday, January 20, 2018
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12/25 Kashiwa ThumbUp.

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Merry Christmas!!!

On this special day,
thank you to everyone who came to Kashiwa ThumbUp!

Since it was a special day, I did something special.

That said, at yesterday’s live

I went from Sailor Mars

and when I took that off,,

Mrs. Santa!!!

I changed live on the stage.

I was the only one to get too festive. Lol

Lately I’ve been establishing myself as the cosplyer.

But it’s fun so oh well. Lol

The Dorakirin was in Christmas mode too!

Ho Ho Ho~

We all ate KFC
so I’m happy we were able to do something so Christmas like!

More than anything I’m happy I was able to do a live during Christmas.

And there’s a live today too!

Today will be a live midday at Shibuya asia!

Draft King’s appearance is scheduled at 13:10~.

This year’s Draft King only has a bit left.

Come and see us!!!


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