Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Hold on tightly so you dont get lost in the crowd.

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I tried putting up a unusually long blog title.

Today is Christmas Eve.

The town was completely in Christmas mode.

Since yesterday was the eve of the eve, I floated around town.

After we finished rehearsal yesterday, all of the Draft King members went to Shibuya to see HEAD SPEAKER’s live.

So the Draft King members wouldn’t get lost in the crowd, they all tightly held on to me who hates crowd by my coat. Lol

if you change the way you look at it, I look like a dog being walked.

Maybe I was the one being held onto so I wouldn’t get lost. Lol

Tomorrow, Christmas is the live at Kashiwa ThumbUp!

It’s a 3 man live so we’ll be doing a lot of songs and,
we put together an atypical set list so I’m really looking forward to it.

And since it’s a Christmas live, maybe something special will happen.

Let’s spend a fun Christmas with Draft King.

I’ll be waiting for everyone!

Let’s have a good Christmas.


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