Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Sailor Mars.

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Sailor Mars made an appearance at yesterday’s live.

Sorry for the completely self-indulgent cosplay. Lol

We played Sailor Mars’ theme song “Moonlight Legend”.

It was also the first appearance of the black cat bass!
The eyes [on the bass] were shining red, did you realize it?

During the Sailor Moon part I put a black cat on top of the bass amp.
Did you see it?

I cut the fingertips on the gloves to play the bass like this.

Being able to cosplay using the costume I bought for Halloween was fun. Lol

During kindergarten I looked up to Sailor Moon just about as much as I look up to Amuro Namie.
My dream for the future was to be Sailor Moon.
Among all of them I loved Sailor Mars the most.

I loved Sailor Moon so much,
in kindergarten, one day the teacher warned my mother “Nohana-chan thinks only about Sailor Moon the entire day”. Lol
But I didn’t listen anyway. Lol

Once I get obsessed with something, I only see that, that part of my personality hasn’t changed since kindergarten. Lol

And now that I’m 26,
I became Sailor Mars, so my dream came true!!!

To make the Draft King Project lives more exciting,
we’re collecting cover requests for Draft King from everyone!

You can send it through mail to,
reply on our Twitter account,
or even leaving it as a comment on this blog is OK!

We’re still collecting !
Any song is okay, I’ll be waiting!

Also, tomorrow is the last recording session for NohaRaji of the year so, I’ll be waiting for everyone’s messages!

Send them to

Looking back on 2015, things that were fun, things that were frustrating,
or your goals for next year, anything is OK.

Or something you want to tell me during this year, anything is okay so send some emails.


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