Saturday, January 20, 2018
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12/12 Shibuya VISION.

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Thank you to everyone who came to Shibuya VISION yesterday!

Having a band live at a place that’s like a club was new.

Yesterday we tried a set list that was different than usual.
It added to the novelty of it, it was really fun.

There were only bands we played with for the first time, and there were plenty of people who saw Draft King for the first time too, I was happy they came to the goods booth too.

I want you to come to a Draft King live again!

Draft King×CASPA×Le Lien

There were 2 girl bands we met for the first time.

Girl bands are passionate.
I want to get more fired up!


I started eating HARIBO and I cant stop.

But since I’ve been chewing to much my jaw started hurting. Lol


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